A $100000 limit credit card needs those people who loves to big purchases, big brands, expensive cars, travel around the world, buy wealthy assets etc. These type of credit cards are common in worlds best and expensive cities like New York, Honolulu, SanFrancisco, Begging, London, Tokyo. such people seeks more such type of cards. They searches such type of cards that suits their desires, conditions, places, hobbits, ease of use. but we are here to help you to find out best suitable options.

Now a days every one have many credit cards but $10000 0 limit credit cards makes some dreams come true like desired wedding function, dream car, world trip. Many of these type cards provides by the Banks with opening of new saving account.

Credit Cards with $100000 spending limit. Here are three options that concludes with spending limits of $100000. These cards comes with predifined spending limits and than can be reach upto $100000. Here every one require these type of cards but it require good credit score. But after Covid-19 like pendemics most of us have very low credit scores.

Here is a point to be note that card provides will not issue $100000 limit credit card initially to the consumer but gradually it reaches its desired usage limit.

  1. Chase Sapphire Reserve

    chase sapphire reserve card
    chase sapphire reserve card

Following are the basic features of Chase Sapphire Reserve:

  • You will earn 60000 bonus points as you spend $4000 on purchases on its first month. That’s are $900 toward travel as you redeem through Chase ultimate rewards
  • $300 on every anniversary year for travel reimbursement purchases to be charged
  • You will earn 5x on flight bookings and 10x on hotel and car rentals when you purchase through chase ultimate Rewards immediately after spending first  $300 on travel purchases.
  • Get 50% extra value when you redeem through chase ultimate rewards 
  • Get 50% more value when you redeem your points for travel through Chase Ultimate Rewards®. For example, 60,000 points are worth $900 toward travel


  • 1:1 point transfer to leading airline and hotel loyalty programs


  • Access to 1,300+ airport lounges worldwide after an easy, one-time enrollment in Priority Pass; Select and up to $100 application fee credit every four years for Global Entry

    Chase sapphire credit card normally comes with $10000 limit initially and can reach upto $500000 with all other loyalty benefits. Many people use Chase Sapphire credit cards as their main travel credit card . It provides many liberal rewards and other bonus benefits can be used in many other loyalty programmes like unlimited lounge at airports in the country more than 1300 airports and provide 50% more value for travel expenses when you redeem it on chase sapphire reserve , travel credit , insurance for many travel related expenses etc.

    2. Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

    chase sapphire preferred card
    chase sapphire preferred card

Following are the main features of Chase Sapphire Preferred card

  • You can earn 60000 bonus points when you spend $4000 in first 3 months . Its $750 when you-redeem it through chase ultimate reserve.
  • Benefits of 3x on purchase through chase ultimate reserve , 3x through dining, 2x on travel purchase , and $50 annually on ultimate reward hotel credit and many more.
  • You will get 25% more value on resumption of airfare, hotels, car rentals,and cruises through chase ultimate reserved.
  • Travel expense insurance , other damages waiver, lost luggage insurance.
  • Get complimentary access to Dash-pass which unlocks $0 delivery fees and lower service fees for a minimum of one year when you activate by December 31, 2024.
  • Member FDIC

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card comes with an initial $5000 limit and gradually goes up to $100000 limit and sometimes more. It is a junior partner of Chase Sapphire Reserve Card; it comes with a very moderate annual fee of $95 and provides the same perks as its top Chase Sapphire Reserve Card family provides. Its provides 25% more value when it redeems through chase Ultimate Reserve.

      3. Bank of America Premium Rewards credit card

bank of america premium reward card
Bank of America premium rewards card
  • This card also comes with 60000 reward points when you spend $4000 in the first 3 months from account opening.value of such points are $600.
  • You will earn 2 points of every $1 spent on travel and dining purchases and 1.5 points Earn on every $1 spent on other purchases. No limit of points to be earned and such points will not expire ever.
  • If you have a Bank of America preferred reward membership you will earn 25% to 75% more points on every purchase. That means you will earn 2.5-3.5 points on every purchase
  • Recover for cash back as an explanation credit, store into qualified Bank of America accounts, credit to qualified Merrill records, or present cards or buys at the Bank of America Travel Center.
  • Get up to $100 in Carrier Accidental Articulation Credits yearly and TSA PreCheck Worldwide Section Proclamation Credits of up to $100, like clockwork.
  • Travel insurance on lost luggage delays in flights, interruption in travel , cancellation of flights etc.
  • Nil fee on foreign transactions
  • Moderate $95 annual fee


The Bank of America Premium Prizes charge card is a characteristic decision for very much obeyed bank clients with a checking, venture, or bank account. We have circuitous proof that its acknowledged breaking point might reach as high as $120,000, as indicated by gathering remarks and the cutoff points on lesser cards, for example, the announced $95,000 limit on the Bank of America Altered Monetary Compensations Mastercard.

This high-limit charge card has a high yearly expense to coordinate. Recovered reward focuses are worth up to 75% more, contingent upon your different records and balances at Bank of America and Merrill Lynch.


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